Rally jump.
Organizers of Sweden rally were puzzled with a question: who from the present sportsmen has the longest jump? And they have decided: to measure everything carefully and the pilot who will make the longest jump will get a special prize upon termination of the rally. Two-time champion Colin McRae at the proper time was considered the best "long jumper". Even one special stage in Vargasen was named "Colin's Crest". But at that time statistics was not kept yet. But first measurements were made only in 2006 - then Mikko Hirvonen has flown even 40.8 meters. Last year road conditions were much worse, so nobody has beaten this record for awhile. According to the Swedish stage organizers' statement that Kolin flew much further - but we already will never learn the exact distance.

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- I'm always amazes, how it is possible having flown some tens meters on the car, after a landing to keep it on road??? Certainly, such tricks can be made only by specially prepared cars, with ideal weight distribution, with a strong suspension bracketů But pilots' skills and composure simply amaze me.

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